Hello Global Citizens,


The Center for Global Citizenship (CGC) office remains committed to helping you reach your goals of studying abroad/away as well as providing support that accommodates and improves the experiences of international students on Centre’s campus.


Although we are not able to offer in person assistance at this time, we are able to connect with you via email, over the phone, or, when necessary, by Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


Please refer to the following contact information:


  • Lori Hartmann; Director of the Center for Global Citizenship, 859-238-5371
  • Karen Ryan; Assistant Director of the Center for Global Citizenship/Study Abroad, 859-238-5285
  • Jessica Leonard; Assistant Director of the Center for Global Citizenship/International Student Services, 859-238-6106
  • Karen Tubb; ESL/International Student Services Support Specialist, 859-238-6327