Our Internship FAQs page addresses typical questions that might be helpful in your internship funding application process.  Full details about internship funding, deadlines, and links to the internship learning agreement and internship funding application can be found here.  We also encourage you to review the Internship Funding Guide before submitting your application.  If you have further questions after you have read through all of our resources, please make an appointment with your career counselor by calling (859) 238-5283 or by stopping by the CCPD in Old Carnegie.



Who is eligible for internship funding?
Any current Centre sophomore, junior, or senior with an unpaid or low-paid internship is eligible.  You are eligible to apply the summer after your first year.

Do I have to receive financial aid at Centre to receive funding?
No.  While financial need is a consideration in the application review process, it is not a requirement to receive funding.

I received funding last year.  Can I apply again this year?
Yes, you may apply in multiple years.

Can I receive funding for an internship abroad?
Yes, however, the CCPD may not fund an experience in an area that is under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory level 3 or 4.  If your internship is located in a country at these levels, please contact Sharon Duncan to request an exemption before applying for funding.  Students pursuing international travel are strongly encouraged to review the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory and the Centers for Disease Control Travel Health Notice online for their destination country and to follow the State Department’s Traveler’s Checklist.

Are internships around Danville considered for funding?
All internships are considered for funding, but internships with higher costs associated with them are given priority.

I have secured an internship for the summer that is paid—can I still apply for internship funding?
You may apply for additional funding if you will receive less than $5000 in salary and if the expenses for the internship exceed the amount you will be paid.

Can internship funding be used to support research with Centre faculty?
No, internship funding cannot be used to support research with Centre faculty.  The Faculty Development Committee supports research with Centre faculty.  See a faculty member for details.

Application and Approval Process

What documents must I turn in to apply for funding?

Next, a completed non-credit or academic-credit internship learning agreement and an online funding application that includes basic information about you and the internship, an essay section that addresses the relevance of the proposed internship to your career interests and a description of steps you have taken to explore this career field, a resume (upload), and a proposed expense budget.

How does my onsite supervisor and faculty mentor approve my internship learning agreement?
Once the CCPD pre-approves your internship learning agreement, the system will automatically send approval request emails to your supervisor and faculty mentor, in that order.  They will approve the ILA through DocuSign with a special link they receive.  You can track your ILA’s approval process using the link in your initial email.

How are proposals evaluated?
All proposals are evaluated on the quality of the materials submitted, how connected the internship is to career exploration so far, the expected quality of the experience, the costs associated with the internship, and the quality of the academic component and/or required readings (academic-credit internships only) or the quality of the assigned readings by the internship supervisor (non-credit internships).

When will I hear back about my application?
Decisions are finalized 2-3 weeks after the deadline.

How competitive is internship funding?
Applications and requests for funding consistently outweigh available funds.  Last year, 35 students received an average of $2700 to support their funding experiences.  Each summer, funding levels differ.  Check with your career coach to find out how many awards we expect to give out this year.

Can I receive academic credit for an internship supported by internship funding?
Yes, you can receive academic credit for your summer internship.  A three-credit internship in the summer costs $375.

What should I do if I need help completing the internship funding application or internship learning agreement?
Make an appointment with your career coach or stop by the CCPD for a drop-in appointment with a peer educator.  Students studying off-campus can email their career coach with questions.

Special Circumstances

Can I turn in a late internship funding proposal?
Late proposals will be considered only after on-time proposals are reviewed (and only with the approval of the CCPD).  Typically, there are no funds available after initial decisions have been made.

What if I don’t have an internship secured yet?
You must apply for internship funding by the deadline to be considered.  The internship funding application should be completed to the best of your ability and submitted by the deadline.  DO NOT complete an internship learning agreement until you have secured your internship.  You should also email a letter that explains the circumstances and why the proposal is incomplete (in pdf or Word format) to sharon.duncan@centre.edu.

You should apply for funding for just one internship, even if you are waiting to hear back from several.  If you don’t end up getting the internship you originally applied with and would like to apply with another, you must provide new and updated information for the final internship you select.  Your application will then be reconsidered with this experience in mind.  There is no guarantee that funding will still be awarded based on this new experience. 

I am applying for more than one internship, and they both occur simultaneously or back-to-back.  Can I apply for funding for both?
You cannot apply for funding for each internship, but you can apply for a summer experience that includes two internships.  You must complete one funding application that includes all details for each internship and an internship learning agreement for each internship separately.  We will require confirmation from both internships if awarded funds.  Only one award would be granted even though you are doing two internships, and the total received cannot exceed $5000.

What should I do if I change internships after the internship funding decision has been made?
You should contact Sharon Duncan at sharon.duncan@centre.edu immediately for the new internship to be reconsidered for funding.  It is not guaranteed that the new internship will receive the same level of funding or funding at all.  It is rare that funding can be increased after final decisions have been made.


How much are internship funding awards?
There is no minimum amount a student can be awarded.  You may not receive more than $5000 combined (internship salary/scholarship funding plus Centre internship funding) for your summer experience.  Typical awards range from $250-$5000.  The average award in summer 2019 was about $2700.  The maximum award for CentreTerm is typically $1000.  Please note that all awards are considered taxable income.  Internship funding is subject to applicable federal, state, and local income taxes and FICA.  Taxes are withheld from payments generally at the rate of 15-20%.  It could be more or less depending on the filing of your taxes as well as your international status.

How much internship funding will be awarded?
This year, the CCPD expects to award about $175,000 through the internship funding process.

When can I expect to receive my money?
Funds are typically distributed in May and/or August, depending on the source of the funds.  Your award letter will give specific details for each award.


Who should I contact if I still have questions?
You should contact your career counselor with any questions.  You can make an appointment by calling (859) 238-5283 or by stopping by the Center for Career & Professional Development in Old Carnegie.