Internship Contracts

Academic-Credit and Non-Credit Internship Contracts: Centre College requires that students complete their internship contracts online through InterNexus. This system allows students to complete contracts easily in CentreNet, both on- and off-campus. 

  • Click here to access the internship contract. Make sure to log in to CentreNet access the contract.  Click on the button for “New Submission.”  Then click on the tab for “Available Forms.”  Choose the Internexus Internship Application. This will take you to the start of the contract.  As you work on your contract, you can click “Save and Continue” to save it.  You can return to a started contract if needed.  DO NOT click on the final Submit button until everything is complete.


Academic-Credit Contracts:
• Fall 2020 Credit Internships (Block 1) August 20, 2020
• Fall 2020 Credit Internships (Block 2) — October 9, 2020
• CentreTerm 2021 Credit Internships — December 7, 2020
• Spring 2021 Credit Internships January 22, 2021
• Summer 2021 Credit Internships — May 11, 2021

• Fall 2021 Credit Internships — May 11, 2021
**Please note that you are encouraged to submit your contract before the deadlines stated above to allow for ample time to process and obtain approvals.

Internship Funding Proposals:
• CentreTerm 2021 — November 13, 2020
• Summer 2021 — April 2, 2021

Miscellaneous Forms

• Health Insurance Waiver
• Statement of Responsibility and Authorization