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Yamaguchi, Japan

The Centre-in-Japan program is housed at Yamaguchi Prefectural University, a small university in the Western ancient capital of the Ouchi culture. In this city of temples and pagodas is the famous 1442 Rurikoji temple. Nearby are the restorative baths of the ancient Yuda Hot Springs.

This program is open to all Centre students. No prior knowledge of Japanese is required. The exchange may be of particular interest to students interested in international relations, history, government, anthropology/sociology, economics, philosophy, or Asian studies. Students who will have studied Japanese will be given preference for this program, but students who have not studied Japanese are also more than welcome to apply.

Fall 2024: late-September to late-January

Students fly back in time for a brief rest before the start of spring semester. 

Akita, Japan 

“Akita (秋田県, Akita-ken) is a large prefecture at the Sea of Japan coast in the northern Tohoku Region. Prefectural capital is Akita City. Among Akita's main attractions are its natural beauty of mountains and the sea, hot springs and the town of Kakunodate, which preserves one of Japan's most interesting samurai districts” (


Fall 2024: late-August to late-December