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Strasbourg, France

Centre-in-Strasbourg is located just across the Rhine River from Germany, two-and-a-half hours by high-speed TGV from Paris and about an hour north of Switzerland. Known as the “crossroads of Europe” because of its central location, Strasbourg boasts an ancient Gothic cathedral and hosts the European Parliament, Council of Europe, and Court of Human Rights.


Nantes, France

Centre has teamed up with Sewanee and IES with their Nantes-French Language Immersion & Area Studies Program. Here you will be able to improve your French language skills while studying and exploring all that the beautiful city of Nantes has to offer. Nantes is home to the most delicious food and rich culture, and it is a very easy city to navigate. If you like to cycle you can definitely do that in this beautiful bike-friendly city.  You will have an opportunity to take classes at the Université de Nantes.

Nantes is in northwestern France, the city is at a natural crossroads between the ocean to the west, the center of France (towards Orleans) the east Brittany in the north, and Vendee in the south!

Fall 2024: late-August to December

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