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Study In Washington DC

Partnering with Butler University, Centre sends students in the fall and spring to the nation's capital, where they complete internships and take courses that focus on the art and architecture of Washington and "Politics and Policy in our Nations Capital “. Typically, students work a regular workday (often 9 to 5) Mondays through Thursdays. For this, students receive six hours of internship credit. Occasionally, an internship will be paid, though students should not count on that, most internships are non-paid. The fall program will not run this fall 2023 but will be running in the spring of 2024. If you are on this program, you cannot do a Centre Term as the dates do not allow it.

Internship opportunities are available in a wide array of fields: students who have participated in the program have interned with the Speaker and Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives; ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, and CNN; the Holocaust and Air and Space Museums; Amnesty International and the Organization of American States; more than 20 Senators from both parties; the United Nations Foundation; the Pentagon, State Department, and Agency for International Development; the National Rehabilitation Center; and many law firms, think tanks and advocacy groups. 


Centre in Washington D.C. Student Handbook '23-'24


Internship Coordinator and Internship Placements: The DC internship coordinator will interview and work with each participant via phone, Skype, email, and/or in person to determine internships that best meet the academic and professional interests of the student and will assist with the application process for these internships if needs be. The coordinator's role is to suggest appropriate internship sites, assist students with their applications, and try to intervene to "boost" the student's chances, but students should note that neither the coordinator nor the Center for Global Citizenship can actually appoint internships. Internships are are worked through the CCPD and Sharon Duncan is the point of contact.  Spring dates are Move in Saturday January 27, 2023 and move out Saturday, May 4, 2023. Once the course is over in your D.C. program, students are NOT to return to campus until the following semester. Students at Centre are still in classes and your course has now ended so you may Not be housed on Centre's Campus for the remainder of that spring semester.