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Study In Lake Tahoe

Arrival February 1, Welcome Orientation February 2. Classes begin Monday February 5, Spring Break March 6-24. Last day of class May 10. final exams May 13-14. Depart May 15.

The same as studying in Danville, plus a $375 deposit (surcharge/emergency fund/carbon offset) due 29 March 2023, and a $25 travel medicine fee. Flights to the abroad site are also the responsibility of the student. All pre-departure meetings, including the travel medicine meeting held each semester, are mandatory. If you have significant financial need, you may also qualify for additional funding from the Center for Global Citizenship.

Students will stay in large group dorms.

PHIL 135, Philosophy of Science

Course Description: This course is a philosophical inquiry into the origins of Western science. Analyzing the primary sources of the tradition reveals how philosophers from ancient Greece through the Scientific Revolution have interacted with and defined the practice of science.

ENS 226, Introduction to Earth Science

Course Description: Students will explore areas from the California coast to Yosemite and the deserts beyond, all while living and studying along the shores of Lake Tahoe. Students will investigate the relationships between the geosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere while also developing scientific skills pertinent to modern society.

REL245, Religion and the Environment

Course Description: This course will provide students a grounding in theoretical texts from religious studies and the social sciences to examine how religious traditions shape and are shaped by nature and their environment

HUM235 What is Nature? (interdisciplinary course)

Course Description: The plenary course explores the question, "What is nature?" by integrating the disciplinary lenses employed by all Tahoe Semester course and by exploring the connections between these ways of understanding the world. The course accomplishes this by examining historical context, applied approach via guest speakers, and finally through an experiential approach, embarking on three treks over the course of the semester.