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Study In Lake Tahoe

The Fall program will start in the end of August and end Mid Dec. Exact dates will be announced in the spring.

The Spring semester will start beginning of Feb and end Mid May.

The same as studying in Danville, plus a $375 deposit (surcharge/emergency fund/carbon offset) due 28 March 2022, and a $25 travel medicine fee. Flights to the abroad site are also the responsibility of the student. All pre-departure meetings, including the travel medicine meeting held each semester, are mandatory. If you have significant financial need, you may also qualify for additional funding from the Center for Global Citizenship.

Students will stay in large group dorms.

PHIL 1XX, Philosophy of Science

ENS 2XX, Introduction to Earth Science

REL2XX, Religion and the Environment

HUM2XX What is Nature? (interdisciplinary course)