Emergency Resources and Procedures

Duty of care abroad is the guiding principle in the Center for Global Citizenship.

Duty of care implies the obligation to act towards the members of our Centre community and others in a prudent and cautious manner to avoid the foreseeable risk of injury or harm. The safety of the college’s faculty, staff, and students is our number one priority.
In order to keep our people safe, adequate planning and preparation is required.

Emergency/crisis management begins at the point after which all that might have been done to prevent harm or injury to personnel and students has been done, and after all people have been properly briefed, warned and thoroughly oriented to their new environment. In spite of all possible precautions, risks and dangers still remain. While the Center for Global Citizenship and the Off-Campus Programs Committee keep a watchful eye on political and geological world events, changing policy and procedure accordingly, it is impossible to prevent emergencies from occurring.

The Center for Global Citizenship has developed a step-by-step emergency/crisis response plan on how to respond to three types of broadly-defined emergency situations (see attached PDF file).

Our office has also partnered with Keynectup to provide a downloadable, non-wifi dependent emergency information card and communication system that our faculty directors and student participants carry with them at all times.