External Funding

If you're looking for financial support outside of the Center for Global Citizenship, here are a number of great scholarships to consider. Many of our students have had success obtaining these funds to participate in short-term and long-term study abroad programs. 

It's not a comprehensive list of everything that exists out there, but it is a great place to start. Good luck! 


Scholarship Location Length Amount Deadline
American-Scandinavian Foundation Scandinavia semester/year $5,000-23,000 November
Beijing Government Beijing, China 6 months-year ~$2,900 February
Benjamin A. Gilman Anywhere any length less than $8,000 October and March
Boren Outside Western Europe any length $8,000-20,000 February
BRIC Go Global Anywhere any length $1,000 June
Bridging Japan semester/year $2,500-4,000 April and October
BUTEX UK semester/year ~$630 June
Chinese Scholarship Council China any length variable variable
Creative Biolabs Anywhere semester/year $1,000 August and September
Diversity Abroad Ambassador Anywhere any length $500-1,000 November


Scholarship Location Length Amount Deadline
Freeman ASIA Asia semester/year $3,000-5,000 April and March
Fund for Education Abroad Anywhere 4 weeks-year $1,250-10,000 January
Go Overseas Anywhere any length $500 August
Helyn B. Reich Memorial Israel semester/year variable July
Hispanic Students Fund Anywhere any length $500-5,000 February
IIE Generation Anywhere semester $2,000 October and March
Heidelberg University HAUS Heidelberg, Germany any length $3,000-5,000 January
ItaliaRail Italy any length $1,000 December
Japanese Student Services Japan any length $730-8760 prior to start date


Scholarship Location Length Amount Deadline
King Olva V Norwegian-American Norway 1-6 months $1,500 January
Kyushu University Kyushu University, Japan any length $730-8760 December and May
Masa Israel Universal Israel any length $1,000-8,500 prior to start date
MEXT Japan 6 months-year ~$6,390-13,000 June
Morgan Stanley Scholarship Japan 6 months-year $7,500 July
Nanjing Government Scholarship Nanjing University, China semester/year ~$350-700 July
NSEP Boren Fellowship Outside Western Europe year up to $30,000 January
NORAM Norway over 3 months $1,500-4,500 April
Rotary Global Anywhere any length $15,000-30,000 June


Scholarship Location Length Amount Deadline
Scott's Cheap Flights Anywhere any length $1,000 March
ScholarTrips Anywhere any length $500-2,500 November
Semester At Sea Everywhere 1-6 months $500-10,000 October and April
UMRSC Denmark semester $1,000-1,500 April and October
University of Haifa Israel semester/year $7,000 April and November
Tortuga Anywhere any length $1,000 December and May
ThinkSwiss Switzerland 1-3 months less than $5,000 January