Our mission is to prepare Centre students for lives of global leadership, work, and service, and to further internationalize our campus. This mission requires a focus on facilitating rich and meaningful experiences for our students, both on and off campus, in order to strengthen their intercultural competence. We empower our students to embrace the values of global citizenship, striving to build a more just, inclusive, sustainable, and cooperative world.

We believe all students should have the opportunity to pursue a study abroad experience. We are also aware of challenges that many diverse and underrepresented groups of students may face when considering education abroad. Such challenges include limited finances, minimum support, and discrimination. The Center for Global Citizenship is here to help you meet these challenges by providing resources to help you navigate and prepare for your study abroad experience.

All of our CentreTerm and Summer courses are faculty-led which means that students travel with a faculty member who is an expert on the location and subject matter. In many cases, these faculty members have led these programs multiple times. Three of our semester programs are also faculty-led (Strasbourg, London, Merida).

Unveiling of 2024-2025 Study Abroad/Away Programs

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Travel Medicine Clinic

Students studying abroad during CentreTerm 2024 or Spring 2024 can review slides from the Travel Medicine Clinic meeting linked below.

Travel Medicine Presentation

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Apply for all study abroad/away opportunities using Centre Online Forms.