Centre believes that all students should have the opportunity to pursue a study abroad experience. We are also aware of the challenges that many diverse and underrepresented groups of students may face when considering education abroad. Such challenges include limited finances, minimum support, and discrimination.

The Center for Global Citizenship would like to help you, Centre students, to meet these challenges by providing some resources to help you navigate and prepare for your study abroad program(s).  The CGC strives to mirror the values expressed in the College’s “Statement of Diversity” and “Statement of Community.” Please visit the link below to learn more. During the summer and fall of 2022 we will be updating dates on our programs, so check with the office if you have questions.

Review the Slides from the 2023-24 Unveiling Event

CGC Resources for Study Abroad/Away




Please know that the details for our 2023-2024 programs can change at any time, whether that be in response to travel regulations, a change in our partner university's decisions, or any other number of the moving pieces in todays Covid-19 world. We are doing our best of keeping  abreast on all the changes, and we are constantly updating our policies and procedures in this unique time.

While we know that uncertainty can be uncomfortable, rest assured we have your health and safety as our top priority. 


Centre offers both semester and shorter courses :

For our semester abroad/away Centre has 19 programs with which you can choose from. The cost of a Centre semester abroad is virtually the same as studying in Danville. All financial aid and scholarships remain in place during your semester abroad; all you pay is a $375 deposit (surcharge/emergency fund/carbon offset) due 29 March, 2023 and a $25 travel medicine fee, for a total of $400. Flights to the abroad site are also the responsibility of the student as well as spending money. 

For our shorter terms across the globe, we have offered courses to nearly every continent during winter and summer terms. Previous courses include primate study in Barbados, religion in Israel/Palestine, law+econ  in Fiji, justice & community in El Salvador, environmental studies in Belize, history/hum in South Africa, music in Ireland, and humanities in Finland, and volcanoes in New Zealand. Cost of these courses vary. Shorter abroad programs (during the summer and CentreTerm) are an additional cost. (More information about the costs of those programs can be found on the Summer Abroad and CentreTerm abroad pages.)

Students may now study abroad through a Centre semester-long program more than once, if they qualify. They are also able to spend up to three CentreTerms abroad and may participate in as many summer abroad programs as they wish.

• Apply online using Centre Online Forms for a 2023-2024 abroad semester program. Our applications will open at 11:59pm on November 17, 2022, and application will close on February 16, 2023. Be sure you are logged into Centrenet when applying. Applicants will be notified  in the first week or second week of  March, 2023 and will have until March 29th to put their deposit down to hold their positions.  
• For Centre-Term 2024 program applications close on 16 February , Summer 2023 abroad programs applications close on 12 December. Simply contact the faculty director of these programs to apply.  

• Deposits and payments can be made by check, cash or credit/debit card to the Cashier's Office. There is a fee of 2.75% for credit/debit cards (bank charge). We are not able to accept online payments for off-campus programs at this time.

Once a student has completed a semester abroad or away they should NOT return to campus until the start of their next semester. 

Study Abroad FAQ 

Center College Sexual Wellbeing

Click here to make a report online or use Centre Counseling's contact information for abroad referrals (859.238.5740 or counseling@centre.edu).

Study Abroad Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF) 

Become A Citizen Of The World

85% of Centre students study abroad at least once, making us a top-three school in the nation. Even though Covid-19 slowed us down and did not allow us to study abroad for 18 months we still had 67.59% of the 2022 graduating class study abroad one or more times and 28.28% studied abroad 2 or more times and 7.93% studied abroad 3 or more times and 1.03% studied abroad 4 or more times. 

Our faculty go abroad too, allowing them to live on site with you, share their knowledge of the region, and plan courses and activities.