A student should schedule an interview by contacting Dr. Brian Cusato, Director of the Centre Learning Commons, at b.cusato@centre.edu.

During this interview the student completes a registration form, the student’s needs are discussed, and the documentation is reviewed.

Eligibility for services is based on a combination of the student’s description of need, the thoroughness of the disability documentation (see Documentation Policies), and the determination that the documentation supports a need for an accommodation.
Once eligibility for accommodations is established and specific accommodations are determined, the student will be given an Accommodation Notification sheet to show to his or her professors. The Accommodation Notification sheet is a written record of the accommodations recommended by the Assistant Dean following a thorough interview with the student.

The Accommodation Notification sheet:

1) Notifies professors that a student is eligible for accommodations

2) Specifies approved accommodations

3) Gives advanced notice of accommodations so that arrangements can be made (NOTE: Students should speak with each provision within a week of meeting with the Assistant Dean.)

4) Enhances the student’s self-advocacy skills.