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Third Century Campaign

If the campaign was so successful, raising over $200 million, even if none of it was for raises or additional staff, doesn’t that mean the College should be able to direct discretionary funds for pay increases and additional staff?


Response from Shawn Lyons and Brian Hutzley:

Our first responsibility with any gift is to respect the donor designation, and the top priority of the Third Century Campaign was to build endowment resources for student financial aid and scholarships. While undesignated gifts may be used at the discretion of the College, these are not necessarily “extra” funds. Because of ongoing success with our annual fund efforts, however, along with good budget management, Centre has been able to provide annual raises plus add staff and faculty positions for the last several years at a time when many other colleges and universities have seen hiring freezes, salary reductions, and frozen salaries. Over the last five calendar years, for instance, we have added 42 new full-time positions (29 for staff and 13 for faculty), along with 10 new part-time positions.

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